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My name is Egle. I am a fully qualified Level 3 (UK) Personal Trainer, Pilates Mat Teacher, Yoga Teacher, Sports Massage Therapist, Outdoor Fitness Instructor and a Group Exercise Instructor. 

I am passionate about health, fitness, wellbeing and nutrition. I truly believe that the fitter and healthier you are, the more enjoyable life becomes. I work with people of all fitness levels from those that have never stepped into the gym or an exercise class, to those looking for the next challenge. My main focus is to offer a range of diverse services to suit all your health and fitness needs. I am also very passionate about the injuries prevention and rehabilitation.


From the comfort of your own home (can be online if preferable) or the great choice of parks around Edinburgh I will motivate and encourage you all the way to your goal.


•    Level 3 Personal Trainer
•    Level 3 Pilates Mat Teacher
•    Level 3 Yoga Teacher
•    Level 3 Outdoor Fitness Instructor

•    Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist
•    Level 2 Gym Instructor
•    Level 2 Exercise to Music Instructor
•    Powerhoop Instructor
•    Speedo Shallow Water Exercise Instructor
•    Bodypump™ Instructor
•    Bodybalance™ Instructor
•    RPM™ Instructor
•    Studio Biking Instructor
•    Boxercise Instructor
•    Running Instructor
•    Gravity Instructor
•    Evolutionary Fitness Pilates Instructor
•    Pilates for Pregnancy Instructor

•    Chair-based Exercise Instructor

•    Kinetic Chain Release Therapist




I love to be outdoors, running, skiing. I run to de-stress and swim to give my joints a break. Since last year I swim in an open water, too. I am also passionate about nutrition and healthy cooking.

I teach Pilates since 2006 and Yoga since 2020.

I also love teaching all possible group fitness classes. I teach:

  • conditioning classes (freestyle, Les Mills Bodypump and Bodybalance, Circuits, Outdoor Bootcamps)

  • indoor cycling classes (freestyle and Les Mills RPM)

  • Aquafit.

I am constantly developing my professional skills, and am currently working towards a Level 3 Pre and Post Natal qualification.

I’m a mum of a teenager and I see a great advantage for mums to stay healthy and fit throughout their pregnancy and even more interest to get back in shape after the birth.

“I can't believe it's over a year since our first online experience. It's been such a bonus having our online - and outdoor - classes and I've loved trying new things and getting to know you and the group. You've been brilliant and it's been such a laugh.”
"I don't know what I'd have done without your classes. Probably I'd been 2 stones overweight. Thank you so much, you're my hero. Your classes are fantastic. I can do push up so well now that's down to you."
"You have been a star over the past year. I think many of us have been so grateful for your
commitment in carrying on with the classes and keeping us motivated. I know that I have
never done so many classes before and definitely feel the benefits."
I started training with Egle in September 2020. I have a 1:1 session each week which is great fun as well as a real challenge. Egle always pushes me to do my best and her one-liners and encouraging banter mean there’s never a dull moment! By Christmas 2020 I had lost weight and inches – 3 inches from my waist and 5 inches from my hips! – and I have continued to lose during 2021. More importantly, I feel stronger and healthier than ever. My mental health has also really improved. 

Jan, Edinburgh

Carol, Edinburgh

Pat, Edinburgh

Diane, Edinburgh


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Edinburgh, United Kingdom  Tel: +44 784 628 6603


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